Ruth Exley
Owner, Therapist

Peter Auerbach, MD - Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Randall Children's Hospital

Ruth is an experienced and confident clinical social worker, and has excellent judgement. As a physician, I always feel that I can trust her judgement and rely upon her expertise in helping determine how to best manage mental health cases.

Mother of a 6 year-old

I began taking my six year-old (at the time) son to Ruth the past fall, shortly after we had a burglar in our house. My son had become fearful to be alone in any room of the house and wanted me by his side all the time. Ruth was really great at communicating with him, and getting him, a shy kid, to feel comfortable talking. In just two or three months working with him Ruth taught him techniques to alleviate his fears and feel comfortable in our home again. The improvement was marked and it was so exciting to see my son's fears subside so dramatically, and to see how proud my son felt of this.

In addition, as a parent, I felt I learned improved communication skills with my son just from watching Ruth work with him. Overall the experience was so positive I only wished I had gone to her sooner and hadn't let him suffer for a few months before going to her. I would highly recommend Ruth and taking kids to counseling to help them through difficult events in their lives.

Mother of a 9 year-old

Being the mom of a 9 year-old, and a social worker by profession.....when my daughter experienced a great and traumatic loss last year, I accessed all of the possible resources I could think of to help her deal with this situation that was imposed on her. I gathered information and educated myself, and found a counselor right away to help her and us know how to cope with this change. Several weeks into our counseling sessions with Ruth, on the drive home, she said to me 'sometimes it's just really good to talk with someone else about these things to help me know I'm okay and normal' It was very helpful for her to know that the emotional roller coaster she kept finding herself on was OKAY, and counseling helped her feel this.

I have a rather well-rounded, balanced and articulate child, and she became a very different child for awhile after this event, tearful, anxious, and sleeping difficulties, among others. She continues to work on finding her path and journey towards a better her despite the first big "curve" that life has thrown her....and she even told me much later in the year or so since we started counseling...'It's okay momma, you can't fix this, there's lots of things you can't fix, they just are what they are.

Father of twin 5 year-olds

Ruth has been an amazing part of my family's journey. I am currently in the process of adopting two beautiful twin boys, 5. I initially set off to find a therapist that had experience as well as the ability to advocate and articulate my children's needs as we maneuver the system, courts, and DHS, towards our goal-adoption.

Ruth has been unwavering in her commitment and ability to work with my boys week after week (she greets them with a healthy snack and a glass of water as well as a warm calming environment-my Boys look forward to therapy. Ruth shows a deep level of compassion and love as well as her ability to provide feedback and explore new ways of seeing the world through my children's lenses. She has maintained a consistent professional and gentle approach.

One thing that made Ruth's practice appealing is that she is a private practice therapist which allows her to maintain motivation and not be bogged down with an overwhelming caseload that you can see many counselors struggling with in mental health agencies she is genuinely able to invest in the process of healing. She has worked with my boys to develop a language that allows them to identify their needs and feelings which reinforces an atmosphere of safety, love and mutual respect in our home.

Ruth's therapeutic interventions are proven to work not only because her approach is based in research but because I have seen significant growth and progress in my own kids. One thing I find refreshing is Ruth's zest and apparent love for children and her ability to move at my children's pace. It became clear that her motivation is the outcome of a well adjusted and happy functioning child.

She has allowed me to share concerns and fears about being a new parent as well as ask questions I felt may be "odd" and she has worked through my questions and concerns, these conversations have always been invited and encouraged during our work with Ruth. Ruth has been in-tune from the beginning on the appropriate pace of therapy. My two children have built trust and a connection with Ruth very quickly although at different speeds and she has been aware and present with this evolution and often brings the changes and growth in the boys to my own awareness.

I could easily continue in greater detail. In short: If you are a parent who is interested in working alongside your child or teen that may be struggling to cope with any of life's struggles or want to gain a better understanding of how to communicate with each other, work through problems in school or work to heal from past of trauma of any magnitude or event you will not go go wrong by reaching out for help and Ruth would be my first recommendation.

Ashley Huddleston, LCSW

Ashley Huddleston

Mom of a 9 and 12 year-old

When looking for a therapist for our two boys, Ashley was recommended to us by our pediatrician. The minute we met her we knew we had made the right choice. She is warm, kind, and focuses on our boy's needs. She makes therapy fun and engaging for both boys, and they look forward to seeing her each and every week. The tools they have walked away with have made them stronger and more confident. We are so thankful to have found her. Ashley is a true gift to our family.

Joy R. Pemberton, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist
Psychiatric Research Institute University of Arkansas for Medical Science

Ashley uses clinical skills such as empathy and responsiveness when families enter sessions with serious stressors, without losing sight of session goals. She guides the family toward understanding how adhering to the PCIT skills, routines, and attendance will help them manage the child’s and their own reactions to the stressors. Ms. Huddleston is not merely competent, but a highly skilled PCIT therapist. She has been a considerable asset to our PCIT program.

Mom of a 1 year-old

Working with Ashley was incredibly helpful for my daughter and me. Her language skills increased and our communication has improved a lot. Ashley is a very kind and knowledgeable person and I think every parent would benefit from learning the techniques she teaches!

Ted Layman

Ted Layman, LCSW

Teenage client

It feels really liberating as a teen when you can successfully talk to your parents. Ted creates an environment that lets everyone feel that opinions are equal and valid and everyone has important input. I finally felt like I was really being heard by my parents. I could pin-point where we were able to create change which was really fulfilling. It’s incredible how Ted is able to take me and my parent’s views into account as well as his own professional opinion and then make suggestions. He’s on all of our sides and it makes him really easy to talk to. Every session, I feel like we all walk away better people.

Mother of teenagers

Ted Layman has changed the way our family looks at “therapy”. Instead of coming together to talk about what’s wrong, we come together to develop the skills we need to make things right. We like to think of Ted as our family “coach” — the one who helps us build the skills we need to communicate our needs and recognize the needs of our greater family. Because of Ted’s approach, my kids are actually happy to attend our sessions and practice what we’ve learned. Thank you, Ted, for being just what our family needs as we walk through the growing up years for all of us!

Mother who attended CPS group

I want to thank Ted for the wonderful training and guidance he provided throughout those 8 weeks. I learned a few new tools, and most of all I am able to see things at a different view. These help me to be more patient, have more compassion, and therefore able to take the time to understand my nephew better. As a result, our relationship has improved.

Karan and Coaco

Karan Randhava, MD

Teenage client

When I go to Dr. Randhava, it doesn’t feel like I am at a doctor's appointment where I have to explain my problems for the 4th time. He's really easy to talk to and is caring and reassuring. He has a great perspective and it’s actually refreshing to talk to him. He’s a really sweet guy and I always feel a lot better after seeing him.

Jennifer Costello, LCSW

Jennifer Costello, LCSW

Adult client

Jenni helped me through one of the toughest periods of my life with her compassionate and non-judgmental demeanor. I was emotionally drained from focusing on fixing a relationship that was manipulative and toxic. Jenni provided tools that helped me identify the patterns in my behavior that kept me "stuck in the mud." Her insight and empathy helped me work through these issues and create healthy patterns, ultimately benefiting many of my personal relationships. Working with Jenni has helped me become a stronger and more confident person that truly understands the value of finding happiness in oneself.

Alyssa Mackintosh
LCSW Therapist

Adult client

For years I felt frustrated trying to find a therapist that I liked and trusted -- and who had my best interests at heart, to help with my anxiety and depression, but finally, and thankfully, I found Alyssa. Her approach to therapy and her demeanor is what makes her really stand out from the rest. She’s always helping me to see the positives in my life no matter how negative I may feel, and she encourages me in learning how to stay away from unhealthy thought processes that get me feeling stuck. I feel supported, understood, and heard by Alyssa, and she has been and continues to be fundamental to my healing.

Holly Schor, LCSW

Holly Schor
LCSW Therapist

Mother of teenager

We have enjoyed working with Holly. She was professional and my daughter couldn't wait to go see her. She helped my daughter feel comfortable and gave her great tools to work through her trauma.