Psychiatry Services & Medication

octor Karan Randhava has dedicated his career to understanding how psychotherapy and sometimes medication can have positive impacts on recovery. He sees children, teens, and adults for all mental health issues. He is particularly skilled at interpersonal conflicts. He aims to build trust with clients to collaboratively choose the right treatment option while dedicating time to understand problems from their root with an empathic approach.

Dr. Randhava understands the complexities of the brain and has extensive experience helping children, teens, and adults from diverse backgrounds gain control in understanding their mental health. As a board certified child/adolescent and adult psychiatrist, he sees individuals experiencing challenges from a variety of issues and addresses them through medication management, psychotherapy, or both.

Dr. Randhava occasionally has his furry chocolate lab companion and certified therapy dog, Coco, present. This can be particularly helpful in providing a calming and reassuring presence for children.

Frequently asked questions

A psychiatrist has completed specialized medical training, residency, and a fellowship program focused on the treatment of mental health conditions and use of psychotropic medications. They have an in-depth understanding of neuroscience and have extensive clinical experience. They have a more specialized understanding than a general physician.

  • If you’d like to understand more about the diagnosis
  • If you’d like to learn more about if medication can help
  • If the symptoms are impacting daily functioning and are not resolving after a period of therapy treatment
Children’s developing brains are especially unique when it comes to understanding how medication can help. Several clinical studies confirm that medication can have a positive impact on child functioning when managed in the right context. Dr. Randhava takes special consideration to each child’s unique family dynamic and mental health situation to choose carefully if medication will be a good tool and does not rely on them unless considered essential.
Dr. Randhava completes an initial diagnostic appointment in 50 minutes as the first session. A medical treatment plan and goals will be outlined during this session. Follow-up appointments are 25 minutes and are usually monthly but can be more frequent depending on the need. These follow-up sessions are used to evaluate progress and gauge how the client is responding to treatment. Dr. Randhava is also available to provide weekly therapy to clients. He dedicates time during visits to understanding problems from their root with a caring and empathetic approach.