Ted Layman, LCSW


(503) 376-7114

Ted specializes in Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS), an evidenced based practice strongly rooted in the latest neuroscience that has been shown to improve parent-child relationships, develop skills in children when conventional behavior modification models have not, and shown to reduce symptoms of Oppositional Defiant Disorder as well as parenting stress. Ted particularly enjoys assisting parents at feeling more confident and competent in connecting with their children and managing their challenging behaviors. When asked by people what he does for a living his answer is: "I teach adults how to listen to children."

Ted is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. He earned his B.A. in Social Work and his Masters of Social Work from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Ted holds certification in the Collaborative Problem Solving from Think:Kids based at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA. From time to time he travels across the country conducting CPS trainings for professionals at mental health organizations and schools.

For 12 years, Ted has been working with at-risk youth and families in a variety of rural and urban clinical settings including juvenile justice, substance abuse, outpatient mental health, violence prevention outreach, foster care, residential, home-based mental health services, primary care behavioral health, and private practice. Ted is licensed to provide clinical supervision for CSWA's in licensure track in the state of Oregon.

Ted enjoys hiking, backpacking, bicycling, exploring the Portland's neighborhood life, and gardening. He lives in NE Portland with his wife and son (when he is home from college).

It feels really liberating as a teen when you can successfully talk to your parents. Ted creates an environment that lets everyone feel that opinions are equal and valid and everyone has important input. I finally felt like I was really being heard by my parents. I could pin-point where we were able to create change which was really fulfilling. It’s incredible how Ted is able to take me and my parent’s views into account as well as his own professional opinion and then make suggestions. He’s on all of our sides and it makes him really easy to talk to. Every session, I feel like we all walk away better people.