Our story

uth Exley founded Restore Therapy LLC with a vision to make top trauma care and results-focused treatment available and accessible. Restore opened as a solo private practice, providing Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to children with the goal of extending highest level of care to patients, especially to those who felt that their only option was a mental health agency.

During Ruth’s experience providing clinical care and conducting research in hospital settings at New York-Presbyterian: Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital at Columbia Medical Center and Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel, it became clear that child psychiatric hospital admissions were on the rise. PTSD was going untreated in children and often masked by other mood or behavior problems. The public mental health system continued to be overwhelmed with need and couldn’t care for burnt-out therapists.

In 2014, Restore quickly gained a positive response from the community and demanded more openings.

Restore has quickly grown to serve many children and families who need specialized treatment for trauma. We have now expanded our services to include a menu of evidence-based treatments to help children and families facing stress.

We love what we do and we pride ourselves on being healthy people that care for ourselves so we can be fully present for you. You won’t find us to be burnt-out or overloaded. Unlike many experience in an agency, we won’t leave you in the middle of your treatment. You also won’t have to wait 6 months just to get an appointment. Our practice thrives because we thrive. We believe that this pours into our clinical work so you can benefit from the best therapy experience possible.

Ashley Huddleston, LCSW
Ted Layman
Jennifer Costello, LCSW
Holly Schor, LCSW
Karan and Coaco
Cara Scholibo, BA